Wood Shake


1. Dimensional stabilityAble to maintain its original dimensions in humid conditions, cedar wood is a low density material that offers minimal shrinkage. Since it lies flat, stays straight, and holds fastenings tightly, it makes for lasting installations.2. Resistance to the elements3. Workability4. StrengthRegarded as one of the world’s toughest woods, cedar is a naturally durable roofing material. A smart investment for your home, it will also enhance the structural strength of your roof.5. InsulatingCedar is a natural insulator, allowing cooler temperatures inside in the summer months and warmth in the winter months. This will help save you money on heating and air conditioning.6. Architecturally enhancing appearanceAlong with its practical benefits, cedar roofing offers a natural and timeless look that will enhance the curb appeal of your home. While cedar shingles offer a smooth, tailored look, cedar shakes present a more rustic, rough-hewn appearance. As far as long-term beauty goes, cedar will age to a distinguished looking silvery gray over time.With these characteristics, cedar shingles and shakes make for a visually versatile and naturally practical roofing material. A robust addition to any residential or commercial roofing project, cedar is a long-lasting and reliable choice.


With natural preservatives that make it resistant to moisture, UV rays, and insect damage, cedar roofing is also wind resistant. Adaptable to tough and varied climatic conditions, cedar is less susceptible to moss growth compared to many other roofing materials. It can be factory treated to be fire-resistant, fungus-resistant, and can be supplemented to be even more moss and insect resistant as well.


Cedar wood for roofing produces long, lightweight lengths of timber with fine, straight graining patterns, and a uniform texture. These characteristics make it easy to cut, saw, and nail. For added convenience, hip and ridge units are pre-assembled before shipping, and offer a finishing touch to a cedar roofing project. Cedar roofing also accepts a range of finishes, from fine oils and stains, to solid coatings and paint. This is done most effectively at the mill where such stains and finishes are applied most efficiently.


Due to the unique shape of the tiles, tile roofs shed water extremely well.

Fire Resistance

Because tile is made with clay, stone or concrete it is highly fire resistant.

Low Maintenance

Tile roofing material requires little or no maintenance.

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