Storm Damage

Does Your Roof Have Storm Damage?

It is not unusual for a property owner’s contractor to discuss the details of building damage with the insurance company’s adjuster, particularly when there is extensive or complex damage. Often the contractor’s expertise is essential to identify precisely what was damaged, the extent of the damage, and the cost to repair it. Multi-Pro Roof Solutions has over 50 years combined storm damage experience and the expertise needed to assist you.

In the state of AZ, a contractor cannot legally negotiate a claim unless they have an adjusters license. But, we CAN legally represent a homeowner in negotiations with the insurance company to obtain full reimbursement under the terms of [their] policy for a property damage claim with written authorization to do so. Multi-Pro Roof Solutions performs this expert service at no additional cost to the customer.

If someone contacts you and offers to represent you in the settlement of your homeowners insurance claim, you should verify the adjuster's references and credentials, including whether they have a license. If you choose to hire a public adjuster, read the contract carefully. You may have to pay the adjuster a significant percentage of your insurance settlement for his/her services. Some adjuster contracts even require that you instruct your insurer to name the adjuster as a “loss payee” on any settlement check from the insurance company, or possibly preclude your insurer from directly communicating with you about your claim.

Homeowners should also verify their building contractor’s license with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (

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